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Baud A, Francus P, Smol JP, Antoniades D et Gregory-Eaves I (2023). Geochemical changes in Eastern Canadian lake sediment cores spanning the last ~150 years highlight a relative shift towards increased metals and erosive materials. CATENA, 225 (Mai): Art. 107012.
DOI : 10.1016/j.catena.2023.107012

Hammouti A, Larmagnat S, Rivard C et Pham Van Bang D (2023). Use of CT-scan images to build geomaterial 3D pore network representation in preparation for numerical simulations of fluid flow and heat transfer, Quebec. Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 8954, 49 pages (INRS - Centre Eau Terre Environnement, rapport de recherche R8954).
DOI : 10.4095/331502

Maranghi F, Gosselin L, Raymond J et Bourbonnais M (2023). Modeling of solar-assisted ground-coupled heat pumps with or without batteries in remote high north communities. Renewable Energy, 207 (Mai): 484-498.
DOI : 10.1016/j.renene.2023.03.040

Mardan A, Giroux B, Fabien-Ouellet G et Saberi MR (2023). Monitoring fluid saturation in reservoirs using time-lapse full-waveform inversion. ArXiv, EN LIGNE.
DOI : 10.48550/arXiv.2303.03136

Philippe ÉGH, St-Onge G, Valet J-P, Godbout P-M, Egli R, Francus P et Roy M (2023). Influence of seasonal post-depositional processes on the remanent magnetization in varved sediments from glacial Lake Ojibway (Canada). Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, EN LIGNE.
DOI : 10.1029/2022GC010707

Pinet N, Haeri-Ardakani O, Jautzy J, Savard MM, Sack P et Mercier-Langevin P (2023). Thermal history of Carlin-type gold deposits in Yukon (Canada) as revealed by organic matter geothermometry, clumped isotope data, fluid inclusion microthermometry, and apatite fission-track analyses. Mineralium Deposita, EN LIGNE.
DOI : 10.1007/s00126-023-01162-2

Sahraei R, Gorbanian A, Kanani-Sadat Y, Jamali S et Homayouni S (2023). Mangrove plantation suitability mapping by integrating multi criteria decision making geospatial approach and remote sensing data. Geo-Spatial Information Science, EN LIGNE.
DOI : 10.1080/10095020.2023.2167615

Saros JE, Arp CD, Bouchard F, Comte J, Couture R-M, Dean Joshua F., Lafrenière M, MacIntyre S, McGowan S, Rautio M, Prater C, Tank SE, Walvoord MA, Wickland KP, Antoniades D, Ayala-Borda P, Canário J, Drake TW, Folhas D, Hazuková V, Kivilä H, Klanten Y, Lamoureux S, Laurion I, Pilla RM, Vonk JE, Zolkos S et Vincent WF (2023). Sentinel responses of Arctic freshwater systems to climate: linkages, evidence, and a roadmap for future research. Arctic Science / Science arctique, EN LIGNE.
DOI : 10.1139/AS-2022-0021

Souaissi Z, Ouarda TBMJ, St-Hilaire A et Ouali D (2023). Regional frequency analysis of stream temperature at ungauged sites using non-linear canonical correlation analysis and generalized additive models. Environmental Modelling & Software, EN LIGNE.
DOI : 10.1016/j.envsoft.2023.105682