Conférence pour un poste de prof : Domenico Davide Meringolo, 5 sept 8h

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Vous êtes tous invités à assister à la conférence présentée par :

Monsieur Domenico Davide Meringolo
(réf. : candidat pour le recrutement d'un membre du corps professoral - Poste de professeur en processus côtiers)

Titre de la conférence : Development of the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics model for solving problems in fluid dynamics and coastal engineering fields

Mardi 5 septembre 2023
Conférence : 8h00 – 8h45
Période de questions : 8h45 – 9h00

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ID de réunion : 897 4142 2246

The Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) is a meshless, Lagrangian particle method that is witnessing increasing interest in the scientific community due to its versatility and effectiveness in solving fluid dynamics problems characterized by large deformation and fragmentation The presentation will be focused on the use of the SPH and will encompass theoretical and applicative aspects. Specifically, the fundamentals of the method with a brief comparison with other methods are first introduced. Applications of the method to coastal engineering problems regarding the interaction of regular waves with perforated breakwater and solitary waves with a submerged cylinder are then shown. Another topic of the presentation will be the modeling of turbulence within the SPH method. This specifically regards the introduction of turbulence closure terms within the Large Eddy Simulation (LES). The LES SPH model is extended to treat multiphase flows and different validations with physical investigations based on the comparison with a finite volume method solver and with experimental data will be presented. Finally, future perspectives regarding further model development, investigation of physical aspects in fluid turbulence and applications to practical problems will be discussed. Among the various possible research subjects, a topic of interest will be the characterization of particle dispersion in turbulent flows with its relevance in the analysis of pollutant diffusion in water. Another theme will be the studyof the performances of wave energy converters, with special attention to the simulation of the air and water phases inside the absorbing chamber. The modeling of the abovementioned physical and practical investigations will be achieved through the enhancement of the SPH method when required.